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November 14, 2009

Making a Philly LOVE Wedding Cake

Whipped Bakeshop LOVE Wedding Cake
Whipped Bakeshop LOVE Wedding Cake

I really wanted the first wedding cake baked at our new store to be special — something that would show how far we’ve come as a business, and as artists. I had designed a skyline cake for the City Paper’s Best of Philly issue last spring, but rather than hand-painting the entire surface of a fondant cake, this time I decided to use vanilla buttercream icing as a background for cut fondant with intricate piped details. The top and bottom layers were red velvet (duh!), and the middle layer was vanilla buttermilk cake with raspberry jam filling.

Fondant pieces in progress.
Fondant pieces in progress.

Our decorator Casey Ray spent almost two work days cutting out the red fondant and piping tiny details in white.

Decorating the Philly LOVE Cake with Casey Ray
Decorating the Philly LOVE Cake with Casey Ray

Some of the lines were piped directly onto the cake. I tried not to hover. Really I did.

.A look at the glittery LOVE cake topper.
A look at the glittery LOVE cake topper

I really like the glittery bling that we added to the mini LOVE sculpture on top of the cake. We had to remove the topper during the delivery to keep it from falling over. That would be bad.

Philly LOVE Wedding Cake
LOVE Wedding Cake at the top of the Bell Atlantic Tower in Philadelphia

The best part was placing the cake at the reception venue, even though Brennen’s arms were almost certainly burning from holding the heavy box during the long elevator ride. He didn’t complain… much. I added some sugar pearl “lights” to the bridge, set up the topper, and the job was done. The cake was front and center as guests walked out of the elevators toward the spectacular view from the 50th floor of the Bell Atlantic Tower. Brennen and I couldn’t stop smiling, and the bride emailed me soon after to let us know she loved the cake. What a perfect wedding cake to start our new bakery! Thanks to Casey for your hard work, and to Shevon & Brian for ordering such a cool design.

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