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July 14, 2017

Meet our Newest Kawaii Cakes

Kawaii is the Japanese word for cuteness. We LOVE all things cute, so we have a blast designing and making our mini kawaii cakes. It’s also fun writing up little descriptions of their personalities. We laugh and laugh!

Some of our mini cakes like Finn the Whale have been reproduced hundreds of times by bakers around the world (try searching for “whale cake” on Instagram). It’s amazing! 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve created five new kawaii cakes, and we are proud to introduce them to you now. Which one is your favorite?

Pineapple Kawaii Cake designed By Whipped Bakeshop

Say hello to Paulette the Pineapple! Paulette is an aspiring dental hygienist. She has an impressive swizzle stick collection and is currently planning a family reunion in her homeland of Hawaii.

Watermelon Kawaii Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Meet Wanda the watermelon. Meet Wanda the Watermelon. Wanda loves sunflowers and throwing summertime BBQ parties. She’s currently working on learning to do a pull-up, but is having a hard time due to her lack of arms. Wanda is a dreamer.

Watermelon Kawaii Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Wallace the watermelon loves sipping vodka, playing his harmonica and traveling the countryside collecting rare vinyl records. Wallace spends an inordinate amount of time grooming his tiny mustache.

Kiwi kawaii cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Clark the kiwi is a real go-getter. He works as a Philadelphia graphic designer. He enjoys mountain-biking and is a big fan of pocket squares. 

Avacado Kawaii Cake by Whipped Bakeshop

Last but not least, please say hello to Ava the Avacado! Ava’s favorite TV show is Project Runway, and she has a mad crush on Tim Gunn. Her best friend Paulette is currently teaching her how to canoe. She has a tough exterior, but Ava is a total softie on the inside. 

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