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July 7, 2017

Hexagon Cake Rocks Designer’s Party

Dessert display by Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia

It helps to have stylish customers, because it inspires us to do extra cool designs! We made this marbled hexagon cake with matching hexagon cookies and macarons for Interior designer Barette Widell of Widell + Boschetti. She was celebrating her son’s first birthday. We can’t take credit for the amazing display, however. That’s all Barette. SO chic!!  

We were able to use some of our favorite techniques and ideas for this order, including marbled fondant in a geometric pattern and pretty drips painted in rose gold. Abstratct watercolor hex cookies and painted macarons rounded out the array of treats! We absolutely love creating dessert displays like this – the play between organic and geometric patterns is our fave. 

Special thanks to Renee Hollingshead for these amazing photos of the dessert set-up!