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Whipped Open This Friday 2-9 for First Friday

By Brennen Lukas, Wed, 08/04/2010 - 12:59pm

Jewelry by Minna Aaparyti of Philadelphia's Craft Foundry

Extended hours! We'll be open this First Friday with cupcakes, cakecups and brownies for sale, August 6th 2-9 pm. We're supporting our friend and neighbor Minna Aaparyti, who has recently opened a new craft studio caddy-corner across the street from the bakery. Minna specializes in custom wedding albums bound by hand, as well as fine hand-crafted jewelry inspired by her extensive world travels. You can even sign up for a craft class if you're feeling especially crafty.

Please visit the Craft Foundry on First Friday and stop by the bakery for a cupcake if you're feeling peckish.

craftfoundry.com minna@craftfoundry.com
701 Belgrade Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

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