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Phillies Sports Cake Hits a Homer

By zoe, Sat, 01/16/2010 - 11:50am

We made this sportsified cake for the CEO of a local manufacturing company. As you can see, the birthday boy is a fan of both the NY Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies. Go figure! We had a lot of fun making the little sports details on the fondant-covered cake, including the golf bag, running shoe, Clif bar and assorted... ahem... balls. The fellow who ordered the cake picked it up himself, and it was nice to see his eyes light up when he saw the results. Happiness on a cakeboard. By the way, the Phillies hat is actually another small cake. You can eat everything on the cake but the brim, which had a bit of cardboard inside to get that perfect cap crease.

Tags: Birthday Cakes birthday

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