Our Story and Values

Why We Bake

It's pretty simple, really. We founded Whipped Bakeshop in 2009 because we wanted to make amazing desserts worthy of life's biggest milestones, and we wanted to have fun doing it. In other words, we wanted to be happy, and to make other people happy too.

Isn't that what life is all about?

Today, we have an incredible family of artists, crafters, writers and dreamers, all working together to make beautiful and delicious cakes, cookies and cupcakes. After seven years of fun and hard work, we are proud to be cited as one of the top bakeries in America. 

From baby showers to weddings, and everything in between, we make lovely treats meant to share with those you love. If you have celebration desserts that you've been dreaming about, then oh yes, you have definitely come to the right place! 

Our Core Beliefs

We believe in family and friendship

We believe that life is worth celebrating

We believe that desserts make people happy

We believe in baking from scratch and decorating by hand

We believe in the joy of fresh, original designs

We believe that details matter

More About Whipped

To learn more about the yummy work we do, please check out our customer testimonials, Yelp reviews, press, and very popular Instagram feed.