Whipped Bakeshop 52 Cakes Contest


Cake is a Celebration

A love for delicious food and "WOW"-worthy art is at the core of Whipped Bakeshop's founder and Creative Director, Zoë Lukas. Growing up one of 4 kids, some of Zoë's favorite memories were always her mom's cakes for birthdays and holidays.

Zoë always cherished that wonderful spirit of love, family and celebrating--those were the values that inspired Zoë to launch Whipped Bakeshop. 

Armed with a fine arts degree, years of bakery and painting experience, and a TON of courage, Zoe opened this iconic Fishtown bakery in 2009 and has never looked back!  

Our Core Beliefs

We believe in family and friendship

We believe that life is worth celebrating

We believe that cake makes people happy

We believe in baking from scratch and decorating by hand

We believe in the joy of modern, original designs

We believe that details matter

More About Whipped

To learn more about the yummy work we do, please check out our customer testimonials, Yelp reviews, press, and very popular Instagram feed.