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Hatbox Birthday Cake

By zoe, Wed, 12/30/2009 - 8:25am

Hatbox Full of Memories Cake for 80th Birthday Surprise

We made this giant cake for a surprise 80th birthday party just after Christmas. The customer wanted the cake to evoke hatboxes full of memories, and she gave us lots of photographs of her mom to include in the design. It took hours to make all of the many edible details, and our decorator Casey even worked on Christmas day to get the job done. (Don't worry--she had planned on celebrating on a different day. We're not slave-drivers over here.) Because of the size and weight of the cake, we created all of the individual components of the cake at the bakery and then assembled everything on site at Maggio's ballroom. In the end, all of the hard work was worthwhile, and it was really satisfying to see the finished product set up and ready for its debut. After all, you only turn 80 once, and that is certainly a milestone worth celebrating!

EVERYTHING you see on the cake is edible. Brennen got a Flip video camera for Christmas, so here's a little video for ya.

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