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Cupcake Flavor Menu

  • Vanilla Buttermilk
    Our best selling cake. It has a moist, light melt-in-your-mouth texture that is the perfect canvas for any of our icings.
  • Funfetti
    This festive cake is popular with kids and adults alike! It is made with our best selling vanilla buttermilk cake batter with rainbow sprinkles mixed in. This cake evokes memories for many people, and it is often paired with our old-fashioned vanilla buttercream - a taste from your childhood, but even better!
  • Vanilla Chocolate Chip
    Mini chocolate chips are baked into this yummy batter. Favorite icings include old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate buttercream.  
  • Chocolate Midnight
    Our devil's food cake is chocolatey and moist, and made with plenty of cocoa and pure Belgian chocolate. Our secret is adding coffee to the batter to amp up the rich chocolate flavor.
  • Red Velvet
    Another crowd favorite, this deep red cake is made with lots of cocoa and buttermilk. Ours has a soft crumb and a distinct chocolate flavor, which really sets it apart from other red velvet cakes. We almost always match this up with our old-fashioned vanilla buttercream.

Cupcake Icings

  • Old-Fashioned Vanilla Buttercream
    Rich American-style buttercream made with pure butter, vanilla, sugar, and a touch of cream cheese.
  • Vanilla Meringue Buttercream
    This classic European-style buttercream is made with pillowy whipped meringue, sweet cream butter and pure vanilla.
  • Chocolate Meringue Buttercream
    This classic European-style buttercream is made by adding melted bittersweet Belgian chocolate to our vanilla meringue buttercream. Some people liken the flavor to melted chocolate ice cream - who doesn't like that?
  • Raspberry Meringue Buttercream
    Made with pure raspberry puree, this fruity icing makes pairs especially well with our chocolate. Y-U-M.
  • Strawberry Meringue Buttercream
    Our yummy strawberry buttercream is made with strawberry preserves, and pairs beautifully with our vanilla buttermilk and funfetti cupcakes.
  • Peanut Butter Meringue Buttercream
    Creamy peanut butter mixed with our vanilla meringue buttercream is totally amazing on top of our chocolate cupcakes - believe it!