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Whipped Bakeshop Now 100% Wind Powered

By zoe, Fri, 08/18/2017 - 3:08pm
Whipped Bakeshop: Wind-Powered Bakeshop

We are proud to annouce that we have partnered with Inspire Energy to switch to 100% renewable electricity here at Whipped Bakeshop. For a long time, we were wind-powered through a program called Peco Wind, but it was discontinued. After that it became difficult to find affordable renewable electricity (and to get out of our yucky fossil fuel contract). But it's all a breeze from here on out! 

We feel so good about saying goodbye to dirty electricity and saying hello to clean wind power! Thanks to our rep Dawson and the team at Inspire for finding a way to make renewable energy affordable and easy for small businesses. We are proud to partner with you. 

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