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New Tasting Event Dates Released

By zoe, Wed, 01/15/2020 - 5:50pm
Cake Tasting Events at Whipped Bakeshop are the Perfect Way to Plan Your Philadelphia Wedding Cake

Our inaugural group cake tasting event was a huge hit, so we've opened up two new dates:

Saturday, February 1st

Saturday, March 7th

At these family-style group events, you'll get to taste four cake and icing pairings from our new workshop menu, as well as some of our signature cake flavors. We'll walk you through each pairing, and we'll answer questions about how we build cakes and create our custom designs.

It's pretty much a cake bonanza with a side of fun. Delicious french press coffee is included!

Our group tasting events are perfect for:

  • Couples and families planning a wedding
  • Anyone planning a special birthday or big event
  • A delicious date activity
  • Friends who love cake!

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