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Introducing Our First Vegan Cupcake

By Brennen Lukas, Fri, 09/01/2017 - 12:52pm
Vegan Cupcakes by Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia

We are extra proud of our September Cupcake of the Month, because it's our very first 100% vegan cupcake! It's made with vegan vanilla cake, house-made strawberry jam and vegan peanutbutter icing. We added some peanuts on the top to add a little bit of crunch. We love the flavor, and we hope you will too!

Going forward, we'll be expanding our vegan options, and also adding some gluten-free options as well. It takes a lot of testing to make sure everything tastes amazing. It makes us happy to know that many more people will be able to enjoy our treats. 

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