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Dear Drew: Cookies for Darcy Miller & Drew Barrymore

By zoe, Sun, 12/10/2017 - 12:53pm
Whipped Bakeshop Founder Zoe Lukas with Drew Barrymore and Darcy Miller

Last week, I got a call from Darcy Miller to ask if we had time to make 200 cookies for an event she was co-hosting with Drew Barrymore to promote Darcy's book Celebrate Everything and Drew's amazing SOHO fashion pop-up shop Dear Drew. I was all, "UM YES."

After many hours of baking, rolling, cutting, decorating and packaging, we anxiously packed the cookies with a ridiculous amount of padding and shipped them to NYC just in time for the big event.

On Saturday, Brennen and I drove through the snow from Philly to Manhattan to visit Dear Drew. The store was so, so cool and we got to meet Drew Barrymore, who just could not be nicer or more supportive of us as small business owners.

And yes, I bought some fun new earrings, just because. 

Huge thanks to Darcy Miller, Drew Barrymore and Dear Drew for this opportunity to show what our team can do in our little Philadelphia bakeshop! 

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