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Celebrating Birchtree Catering + Awbury Arboretum

By Brennen Lukas, Wed, 09/13/2017 - 4:05pm
Photo by BG Productions

This past week, we had a blast attending Birchtree Catering's party as they celebrated becoming the exclusive caterer at beautiful Awbury Arboretum. There were many excellent vendors there, and we debuted our gluten-free Sasquatch brownies to rave reviews. 

We can't say enough good things about the team over at Birchtree Catering (their motto is "locally minded, seasonally inspired"), and obviously Awbury Arboretum is a lovely wedding venue as you can see in these photos by Cathie Berrey-Green of BG Productions. We love delivering wedding cakes to Awbury and we are proud to be on their preferred vendor list. If you're looking for a hidden jewel of a venue in Philadelphia, I think you have just found it! 

Awbury Arboretum
The Francis Cope House
One Awbury Road
Philadelphia, PA 19138

Awbury Arboretum Wedding Venue
Whipped Bakeshop Awbury Arboretum
Whipped Bakeshop Awbury Arboretum
Birchtree Catering at Awbury Arboretum

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