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Best of Philly Celebration: FREE CakeCups This Saturday!

By Brennen Lukas, Fri, 07/30/2010 - 7:02am

Whipped Bakeshop Wins 2010 Best of Philly Award for Best Cupcakes in Philadelphia

Whipped Bakeshop won the 2010 Best of Philly award for "Best Cupcake." We're really proud of this honor, so to celebrate, we're giving away FREE CakeCups to anyone who mentions Best of Philly this Saturday, July 31st. Here's what Philadelphia Magazine had to say about CakeCups:

"We were so busy admiring Whipped Bakeshop's pretty little cupcakes in luscious flavors like lemon curd and banana chocolate chip peanut butter that we almost didn't notice the Fishtown bakery's younger, more modern child, the cakecup. It's confectionary genius, really, and thrifty, too: Leftover cake trimmings (mmm burnt edges) come naked or blasted with icing, ganache or whipped cream, in a grande-size plastic cup."

You really have to experience a CakeCup in order to grasp how good they are. Come in this Saturday and try one for free! We'll give 'em away until we run out of delicious cake to make more. One per customer please.

Whipped Bakeshop Owners Brennen and Zoe Lukas at Best of Philly Party 2010

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