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Anatomy of a Cake

Many people ask us about cake sizes and servings, so we've created this guide to make things easy. Feel free to print it out and bring it with you to your Whipped Bakeshop cake consultation.

Tiers and Layers: A Piece of Cake

All of our layer cakes are approximately 4” high and consist of 4 layers of cake sandwiched with three layers of filling.

Cake Layer Cross-Section

Cutting the Cake

These diagrams show a top-down view of how each size cake is cut. The cutting patterns are for illustration purposes, but they give you the basic idea of how large tiers are sliced. Your caterer knows exactly how to cut the cake so that each guest gets about the same size piece. Enjoy your Whipped Bakeshop cake and let the pros do the work!

Diagrams and text copyright 2011-2018 by Whipped Bakeshop. All rights reserved. No commercial use without express permission. Special thanks to Roger Estes and Ann Torockio for design and concept work.

Tiered Wedding Cakes